My personal life and my professional life are intermingled in a lot of what I do. Because I want the BEST of the BEST, not just my professional clients, but for my friends, family, and everyone I meet, I am always striving for that BEST of the BEST... whatever form it may take. in that, if I am not satisfied with something, I'll change it, improve it, or accept it. Sometimes, a step outside of my perception is the "BEST" of whatever it can be.

My "personal introduction" is a step outside of what most people see. These casual few words are included here but are not part of the overall " PROFILE STRATEGY" of which I discuss later as the "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE." So, I have let myself out of the cage and let loose with a few more personal items than I usually do in most any written form. This RARE article of introduction may disappear at any time or may continue depending on how it goes.


The manner in which I present myself on a professional level is a more formal introduction. The "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE/Summary" was engineered specifically to provide an introduction to my many years of accomplishments and successes in business. Its purpose is to concisely, yet as comfortably and quickly as possible, introduce me and establish that WOW FACTOR...

"Wow, HE DID THAT… We could use someone who has that kind of ability!"

… all before losing the attention of the reader. The following is a link to my baseline "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE/Summary."


The "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE/RESUME" is my in-depth, chronological, aggregated, and often unescapably long document that semi-resembles a conventional resume. The document is often many pages encompassing the years of the detail behind the various employers, clients, accomplishments, growth of skillsets, application of education, publications, and successes that made the typical "RESUME" approach dysfunctional.

Hence, if the reader came to that "WOW FACTOR," they may want to learn more and request a copy of a "RESUME." In my case, they would be requesting a copy of my PROFESSIONAL PROFILE/RESUME.

For the purposes of this website, the PROFESSIONAL PROFILE/RESUME is not meant to be available for general consumption. However, it may be easily downloaded by requestors. Please click on the following, then answer "OKAY" when prompted…


The standard/typical "RESUME" became very dysfunctional for me due to the many years of experience creating many pages of granularity, compounded by the many and multiple clients that I may have had at any given time during these many years. Imagine that "RESUME." So, I have included more on the strategy behind the "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE" for anyone who may want or need to utilize the approach. Feel free to adapt the concept to your needs and let me know how it works for you.


CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC has been involved in giving back to some of those who have so freely given of themselves of what I call the "BEST of the BEST," which is also the motto and mindset of CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC… and now passed on to SILVERBULLIONART.COM.

So, we recognize these individuals in our growing movement called…


A piece of FINE ART in .999-.9999 pure Silver Bullion from the FREEDOM inventory of SILVERBULLIONART.COM is chosen for each recipient. This category or collection of pieces represents what my mind sees as our gift from the "BEST of the BEST." That which I have grouped together from the "Gallery and Collection" of CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC and SIVERBULLIONART.COM are represented by those from the IMAGES OF FREEDOM.

Help us honor the


Anytime, you would like to reach me, have a comment, or would like to contact CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC , click on the following CONTACT GATEWAY link. I will respond to messages sent via this option as soon as I possibly have an opportunity.


CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC has broken into another collection and is offering access to CENTS that don't make SENSE. My funny way of saying that I have collected a penny or two that are different from those of their same kind. As "Numismatics" we call them VARIETIES and ERRORS. Rare LINCOLN CENT coins that have been minted from 1909 until today have gone through incidents where something has happened to make that coin unique. Sometimes the mint doesn't catch the issue for a while, thus creating a number of these rarities.

WARNING: This is an addictive habit! If you are into any "attention to detail", you are already "gone" as these can still be found in your pocket change. If you already have a couple in your collection, then you will appreciate these offerings. Take a good look at some of the 2017 and 2018s in your pocket change and see if you can spot anything a little off the normal. Send me an email with a good picture and I will let you know if you are on to something worth more than a penny.


CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC stands firmly behind the movement for the financial and economic freedom from the growing constraints of today's barriers. Anyone interested in opening themselves to these ideas, improving their lives, the lives of those about them, and their businesses, we are open to sharing our knowledge and opinions. We are as transparent as any business can possibly be, yet protective enough of our intellectual property and that of our clients, associates, and customers that we secure that type of information to the degree in which we can still be highly respected in our field of Business, Leadership, and Technical Consulting.

It is wise to check out this article. Have you ever asked yourself the question "In what do Billionaires invest their money?" or "How do I protect my wealth from %1WHATEVER$3?"


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