CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC is breaking into their collection and offering some of their duplications at prices that will encourage you to become a collector ...duplicated, triplicates, or even millipulets. Yeah, really there are hundreds, in some most cases, thay have not been individually graded, but one or more of the lot has been graded and will give you a pretty good idea about how much you should be paying based on the similar representation. If that doesn't work for you, I would be willing to guide you through the research process. The savings you would be getting on the this kinda deal is substantial. It typically costs about $20-$30 to have the NGC grade a coin… that's one coin…. even pennies.

The penny displayed on the homepage is a 1931-S. The 1931-S is the second lowest mintage in the entire Lincoln cent series. The mintage of the 1931-S Lincoln cents were revealed soon after they were struck and those who knew about the low mintage, would usually hoard the coins. The following example is one for sale on Amazon from APMEX, a very reputable dealer, for 152.93 as you can see in the ad. It is not graded but said to be in AU condition or About Uncirculated.

There are a few others… I found one graded by the NGC that is selling for over $200.00. So, by not having a coin graded, you usually get a break in the price, but you never really know fully how they stack up. You need to trust the person with which YOU ARE DOING BUSINESS...honesty, integrity, passion, knowledge, reputation,when you deal with an honest and reputable person.

So, what I am going to do is give you a couple examples of what I have for offer. Examples from E-Bay, Amazon, and other sources so you know your getting a fair shake the coins will be those that are pictured because what I have is a number of what are called Varieties or Mint Error coins. These typically sell for a much higher amount of money. But else are addictive, once you start collecting and checking out the differences, you'll start to wonder about how they got that way.

Here's one for you...

,,,and the reason I send a penny to be graded. It makes CENTS (Sense)!

I have a few of these on hand. However, they are Uncirculated Brown, not a Brilliant Uncirculated RED/ORANGE. Meaning that they will sell for a little less, after grading. Sometimes it helps to know that I am a member in good standing with the ANA (American Numismatic Association), registered with the NGC, and a member of my local "Diablo Numismatic Society." I study primarily the Lincoln Penny with a special admiration for the older Wheat Reverse and I specialize in the identification of the rarities. Having a knack for detail, I can usually spot a good conversation piece quickly. However, my favorite part of finding these errors or varieties is arguing about what they are and how they got that way. As the founder of SILVERBULLIONART.COM, I do not carry a hollier than thou attitude toward toning and artificially toned coins because I do that kind of thing with the bullion. However, when someone is trying to get something out of nothing by toning a lesser valued coin to generate a higher price, I have no fear of calling a FRAUD a FRAUD. So, if you are in the business of doing such, look out... I am smarter than you, better than you, faster than you, more skillful than you, better looking than you, and I have a bigger, so just stay the f... home. I will not let you play with my friends.

This is a MUST READ for anyone, especially those concerned with the current economy and maybe the question... "In what are Billionaires investing their money?"
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