There is a solution to the volatility of the FRAUDULENT MARKET, BALLOON ECONOMY, FRACTIONAL BANKING SYSTEM It supports and fortifies our/your PERSONAL FINANCIAL FUTURE, HAPPINESS, FREEDOM, and overall WELL BEING. JOIN SILVERBULLIONART, CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC, Chautauqua Silver Works, PHELI Mint, SILVER SHIELD eXchance (SSX), ANONYMOUS MINT, and many more who have taken the responsibility to carry the message. Please read on!

The ONLY thing you cannot kill... is an IDEA. EXPOSURE to that IDEA will keep an idea ALIVE. Passing on that IDEA will create an IDEAL. You don't need to agree, paint a sign, or preach, just open your mind, let your eyes see, let your ears hear, let your sole absorb. This is not just our opinion, it is our IDEAL. It has also become our mission and core to our existence. A mission that MUST BE UNDERTAKEN. OUR message is all the same, but the IDEAL is in different words. We will discover, in the following sections, just how this message is carried by some of us.


SILVER BULLET and SILVER BULLET is not a person, it is not a blog, or a website, it is not a product. You cannot steal it, you can’t pervert it, or destroy it. But, SILVER SHIELD eXchange (SSX) carries it. The SILVER BULLET / SILVER SHIELD is and idea. The SILVER SHIELD is the idea that physical silver, in any form, held by an individual, is both a defense against inflation and against the destructiveness of fractional banking.

The SILVER BULLET is the idea that acquiring silver is a direct way to expedite the collapse of the fragile, fraudulent banking system. Together they are the reminder to our society that physical silver is both the SILVER BULLET and the SILVER SHIELD that defend us in the war that we face today against our values and our self-esteem. It is the idea that we know our values and will not give them up. It is the idea that we know our principles and will not see them ignored. It is the idea that we own ourselves and will not lay down and stop fighting.

Owning a SILVER BULLET/SILVER SHIELD piece is not just an opportunity to benefit from the bullet and shield, but also to share in an adventure that tells the story of both the current paradigm of our society, its flaws and strategies, and the catalysts of our intellectual evolution. Along with the value stored in them, the lessons contained in each coin** can be shared and passed down, to teach our children, and their children’s children, that centuries ago, someone, somewhere was doing something powerful and beautiful in attempt to positively affect the course of human events.

When the SILVER BULLET /SILVER SHIELD ideal was launched in September 2012, the response was unlike anything that anyone could have ever imagined. In a span of months, the message of SB/SS spread throughout the WORLD. The message was there, and its time had come. Hundreds of letters were received each week from supporters all around the world, encouraging the cause to continue, and congratulating the responsible parties for what they had done so far. SB/SS had stumbled onto something greater than themselves.


…and so, a battle hardened SILVERBULLIONART and CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC, believing in the message, the idea... the IDEAL - before discovering the other optimistic companies , picked up the cause. This passionate survivor now, AGAIN, risks money, time, trade, and energy to bring the beautiful IDEAL to life by using their stylings to create FINE ART in .999-.9999 pure SILVER BULLION. SILVERBULLIONART.COM is one, as is their Founder CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC, that strongly believe when a message has weight, purity, and content - carrying that message to others is an integral part of any altruistic nature. Such an IDEAL was integrated into their very existence, incorporating the BEST of the BEST mindset, establishing a core belief. Flying with the EAGLES and not the SEAGULLS, being part of that something greater, encouraging a cause, supporting an ideal that benefits the future wellbeing, independence, happiness, liberty, and freedom... and above all breaks the bounties of current constraints for the future of mankind, a NEW DEFINITION of the BEST of the BEST was added... symbolized by EAGLE FLIGHT (FREEDOM, SINGLENESS OF MIND, WELLBEING, COURAGE, STRENGTH, FOCUS, NO FLOCK, NO FETTER)


The reverse of the Silver Rounds from the Founder and Designer, RON KINNEY of The Chautauqua Silver Works includes the common design element used on many rounds. You may have seen one of Ron's powerful design series, done in the stylings of SILVERBULLIONART.COM at RON KINNEY DESIGNS and a collection on T.I.M.E. The bullseye design includes features of a rifles scope with engravings of the Bullseye and Ag47 in the center, other markings in the scopes bullseye include the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, as well as the mint name and the phrase One More Ounce One Less Fetter.

Ron Kinney founded Chautauqua Silver Works in 2013 as a retired individual with time and a love for silver designs. Kinney developed the quote on the reverse of "One More Ounce - One Less Fetter" to denote with each ounce of physical silver added there is one less shackle holding back your financial future.

Ron has the TIME Series and the new addition at JM Bullion, a fine and reputable Silver Bullion and other Precious Metals Distributor - STAX, THE BULL
STAX has the message "CHAINED NO MORE"... another way to say "ONE LESS FETTER" and "EAGLE FLIGHT"


RON KINNEY DESIGNS / Chautauqua Silver Works

Before you go off to JM Bullion, please take a moment to check out Ron's designs on the SILVERBULLIONART.COM web portal. The collection is available for sale to assist in carrying the message... TIME PIECES / RON KINNEY DESIGNS along with a couple other series by RON... CRYPTIC FORCES and OUNCE of PREVENTION (...also in the stylings of SILVERBULLIONART.COM). But. first a look at Ron's Bullseye Reverse, with the "ONE MORE OUNCE - ONE LESS FETTER" message.

Ron use of the bullseye and the message "ONE MORE OUNCE - ONE LESS FETTER" on the reverse of the rounds has been effectively used across a number of series now. So, far there is only one (1) round that I am sure does not have the bullseye. That piece is the "T.I.M.E. - E.M.I.T." found in the collection on T.I.M.E. However, the presentation here is the reverse to one of the CRYPTIC FORCES Series "COSMIC SPHERE."


Now, another way to carry the message ...I'd like to present the SILVER SHIELD! (also in the stylings of SILVERBULLIONART)

This is the first edition of the Silver Shield with the Trivium on the reverse. More in regard to SBSS and the TRIVIUM will come later in this article after I have had an opportunity to promte SILVERBULLIONART for a while.


Now, you can CARRY the BULLET... CARRY THE SHIELD... With the delicately applied and rigorously tested basic ingredients of coating for Silver Antiquities at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London... (presumably named after Queen Victoria and King Albert), I consulted with the Senior Metalwork Conservator and come up with a coating that is working extremely well shielding the FINE ART of SILVERBULLIONART.COM. This coating is not easy to apply nor is it inexpensive. It also takes 5 coats, 5 days each to cure, for each side! With a product like this you would expect results to hold up as tough as the product is to apply.

It does just that.

I have been carrying this piece in my pocket with my keys and other change for a few months and it looks like it did when I first tested the coating. I have since modified the solution further to not interfere with the 'thin layer interference' created by the chemical reaction between AG47 and S16, or in other words the toning (colorization) of Silver by exposure to Sulfur. Some call this full spectrum of color that can be obtained a PATINA. So, with humble appreciation we thank our British friends and fortify our SILVER SHIELDS with more armor enabling additional protection that otherwise would not be available without the perseverance in attaining the foundation of the IDEALS we have set forth.

**There is a series of SILVER BULLET and SILVER SHIELD pieces that are available, of which, SILVERBULLIONART.COM has some! If they don't have the piece that you want to carry, ask them to order and finish your piece… with 5 coats of additional shielding/protection, so you can carry a symbol of you conviction with you without worry of detracting from the power behind the FINE ART in the PRECIOUS METAL behind the message, behind the mission. REMEMBER physical SILVER is both the SILVER BULLET and the SILVER SHIELD that defend us in the war that we face today! DO NOT HESITATE… DO NOT WAIT… because if you do, it may become too late.

2 Ounces of .999 Pure Silver Shield

If you are thinking that you may need a little extra shielding, try this bullet on for size... This is SILVER SHIELD eXchange's new 2018/9 "CANNABIS CURES" with the Shield and Sword on the Reverse.

This piece is called "CANNABIS CURES", while the piece above with the first edition Silver Shield is call "FREEDOM"

See below, the description and meaning of this design on the REVERSE of the "CANNABIS CURES" and "FREEDOM" pieces from SILVERBULLIONART.COM

TRIVIUM MEDALLION: The Trivium is the basis for all individuals to free themselves of collective manipulation or toxic thoughts that hold them back from their destiny. This is a strong basis upon which only few of the Silver Bullet/Silver Shield Series that are available through SILVERBULLIONART are in stock.

" Do your thoughts serve to free you or simply to make you freely serve? ” ~ Chris Duane

From early on in our teaching in school, we are indoctrinated with a two-step thought process with input-output of memorizing and regurgitating information. Unfortunately, this sounds way too familiar, for way too many, for way too long!

This was most necessary and is still used TODAY, so a "COLLECTIVE" could mold obedient citizens, workers or soldiers. Instant and willing obedience to authority is the underlying theme of all modern-day education and indoctrination systems used by our STATE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM and mandated by our GOVERNMENT, or the current system of education is NOT FEDERALLY FUNDED. With a humanity not questioning authority, the Elite can sleep well at night.

a Benjamin Franklin Quote
On the reverse of another piece called the "SILVER SATIVA" ask SILVERBULLIONART.COM

But back to... The Trivium is the three-step thought process that breaks the slave thought and allows the individual to become their highest and best self.

The TRIVIUM on the SILVER SHIELD is a reminder that it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for us to break the mold ...CARRY THE MESSAGE.

WHY and HOW:
The Founding Fathers declared that man has certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. A unique perspective on these three Rights is that Life represents your past freedom. Liberty represents your present Freedom. And the Pursuit of Happiness represents your future Freedom. The Trivium, combined with these three Rights, make a powerful, positive force in your life.

The TRIVIUM: Between stimulus and response, there is a space...