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We are a small privately held company that was a concept of our founder a number of years ago when he “accidentally” discovered that spending enough time in the beautiful California sunshine, tasting possibly a little more wine than necessary cruising up a grapevine lined roadway, through vineyards of the “Wine Country,” then soaking lavishly in a warm Sulfur Spring would end in something like this, but it did.

He tells his story in another article, but what happened was he had an American Silver Eagle in his pocket, as a good luck piece, and the exposure to the sulfur in the water and then in his wet pocket, gave the Silver and the Sulfur enough time to create the reaction that creates Silver Sulfide or what most people familiar with coins call “toning” or in other words, it changed the color of the coin.

From that time on, every trip north to the “Wine Country,” would be an opportunity to experiment a little more with the Sulfur and the Silver. And so the progression of his “outings” turned into a “hobby” and the “hobby” turned into an obsession and the obsession became the passion we know today.


Over time we amassed a sizable stockpile of silver and other coins. Our inventory consists of Silver Bullion and Silver Bullion Art Pieces, both bars and rounds. Mainly we carry the 1 OUNCE weight range, some 2 OUNCE rounds, and there are the 4 OUNCE bars.
-- When OUNCE is mentioned we refer an OUNCE of precious metal, a TROY ounce. The troy ounce is a unit of imperial measure, now commonly used to measure the mass (weight, in common parlance) of Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc. One TROY OUNCE is defined as exactly 31.1034768 gms, which may be used to denote the value of a precious metal. One troy ounce of gold is denoted with the ISO 4217 currency code XAU, while ONE TROY OUNCE OF SILVER is denoted as XAG. This system is antiquated system, a holdover from the Ancient Roman days and is still in use today… for precious metals. But, when we walk into the grocery store, everything is back to normal and an OUNCE as a fraction of a POUND. Such as a pound of butter, typically it is separated into cubes 4 OUNCES or ¼ POUND. --


Anyway, the point is, we were at the point where no real quantity of SILVER could ever be kept in one place at a time for any length of time …it was DANGEROUS… So, we handled different processes in different locations and with the assistance of our local banker, we had a safe and relatively convenient place to store pieces while they waited turnover. The founder found the little bank ideal to conduct business right in the comfort of one of the offices they would set aside for him… I think because he always brought ice cream for everyone.


Our workshop and our office is supplied with the nicest workstations, stocked refrigerator, Peet’s Coffee, and really everything to make you as comfortable as possible. We have a uniquely designed security system with nice quality cameras that you never notice. I know the cameras are not to spy, but for our protection, security, comfort and wellbeing. He has set the alarm off a couple times to scare people off ... plus we have sensors, and detectors, and key pads, and buttons. I know the office is leased but I think he had upgrades before we moved in. When doing larger traansactions or handling shipments himself, he carries. So, his intention is to provide the best, safest, coolest, most fun, environment in which to spend as much time as we do.
His motto is, our motto, “THE BEST OF THE BEST”, and he will say that at least once a day. But I know that is the way he lives, works, and wants for everyone else and he works hard to “make it happen.” In doing so, it’s not an order. It is more a question, like …can you “make it happen” ?


Speaking of business and working hard, our founder and boss is also the Founder, CEO and Directing Consultant of CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC™. He started that in 1999, when he was consulting at PeopleSoft doing Performance Analytics. So, he is either hardly around and comes in late and stays because there is always a new piece on the table, or a piece with a note to get some more pictures. He always leaves a sign he was working, a box from one of the mints or distributors in recycling, the desk magnifying light on left on, or his chair is at a different table. Everything is done on the computer, never more than a single sheet of paper laying around. When he is here, he is always on the computer, phone or working with someone here doing something new with the spring water or showing someone how to get a color right. Oh, if he is working alone on a piece or is toning with some new stuff, every once in a while we will hear a really loud “F_-_-” word, then it is like really, really quiet for a long time.
One of the most important things about him and CCLLC is he gives away or gives others, especially those who have served our country, people just back from deployment or to a family member of one that died or had been injured. I have seen him hand-out some “EAGLE” Bars to some guys that came over and a couple months ago he gave our neighbor a “FLAG” piece and our neighbor cried and hugged him for a long time. He really respects his freedom.


We are located in the EAST BAY, so we are near San Francisco and Oakland, but get the warmer weather. We are closer to Mt Diablo, which you can see sometimes from San Francisco (29 miles if you could fly straight there and 45 miles if you have to drive) but from the top of the mountain, you can see almost all of California. There is also a few Sulfur Springs right around the mountain area, like right at the foot of the mountain, there is one in Alamo, and I know there is one in Walnut Creek, because I can smell it.

A lot of our customer-base is right here. They have been nagging about getting a redesign of the website with e/m/Commerce so here we are… and I doubt this will make it to the site.

For people around here, we have a small display of a few pieces in the office area and there is never more than a couple pieces that I see around the work area. Our “Chief Operating Officer” or so he is called, is his 2 ½ year old grandson and when he is around we sure are on our toes. Not because he’s called the COO, but mostly chasing him around. He really likes it here. So, no matter what is happening at any time, a sense of wellbeing seems to come out of everyone. …even with the price of precious metals are falling through the floor. But, I guess that means BUY MORE PIECES!


It was some of the first customers who came up with name of SILVER BULLION ART, because I had to put together an invoice and they needed something on it better than “colored silver coins with cannabis sativa leaves on them.” It was a special order for an group of Medical Doctors who advocated the medicinal qualities of Cannabis for Cancer patients and supported the California Medical Marijuana Act of 1996 through the Adult Use Act, Proposition 64 in 2016 (See https://cannabis.ca.gov/).

So, on the invoice, I had totaled everything and three or four of them came in and I was asking what should go in the description. It was the first time we did a “mass” production and we always put the piece description and number on the invoice. But when I asked “What should I put down as the Des… SILVER BULLION ART” can out in unison, from everybody. The founder just said, “yeah.” So, the next time I heard any discussion about the site, it all rolled together as “SILVERBULLIONART.COM.”


The remainder is the foundation of both CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC and SILVERBULLIONART.COM... established with the direction and influence of our founder…


Our aim is to provide “THE BEST OF THE BEST,” to be the world's most trusted and efficient marketplace and information resource for FINE ART in .999-.9999 pure Silver Bullion Designs.


  • Short Term: Improve or customer base with the use of technology
  • Short Term: Care for Customers more that we would expect for ourselves
  • Short Term: Move as many financial transactions as technically possible secured IoT solutions
  • Long Term: Establish workshops for young people to learn the Art
  • Long Term: Design a “THE BEST OF THE BEST” Piece with Patriotic, Freedom, Liberty, Happiness, Military Thank You tones for Donations


We believe deep, unbiased information can and should be available to all parties and transactions made transparent.


  • Integrity - Honesty and fairness must define every facet of our business,
  • Transparency - We embrace clarity and openness, enabling clients, customers, and coworkers to make informed, confident, conscious decisions.
  • Advancement - Support the personal advancement of each individual with which we are in contact
  • Expertise - Our success depends upon providing clients and customers with the BEST OF THE BEST.
  • Efficiency - We focus on helping clients, customers, and coworkers save time, physical, mental, spiritual, and other resources
  • Innovation - We continually make our platform and service more convenient and useful
  • Perspective - We strive to carefully construct only sustainable, win-win (BEST OF THE BEST) relationships with clients, customers, and among ourselves.