Whether it is the many WOUNDED TROOPS SERVICES, MILITRY SOCIAL SERVICES, MILITARY FAMILY SUPPORT, or we find our own SERVICE PERSON that have given their BEST of the BEST, we SILVERBULLIONART.COM of CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC honor and recognize a special handful of these individuals with what we call the...


has set aside a "BEST of the BEST FUND" from our direction, our motivation, our standard, our intention... in which money is allocated to creating a number of pieces a year to honor our BEST of the BEST. During the year, about 6-8 weeks before any of our numerous patriotic holidays, we select a few recipients, some suggested, some not, from the WOUNDED TROOPS GROUP, MILITRY SOCIAL SERVICES, MILITARY FAMILY SUPPORT, and from ACTIVE SERVICE PEPOLE and we look for the "BEST of the BEST" from that selection to be recognized for their outstanding, selfless, giving of themselves for our FREEDOM, our LIBERTY, our SECURITY, our LAND, our RIGHTS, our HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY.

The following are examples of pieces that have been given of our previous recipients. The collage was put together by a group in - VA Northern California Health Care System - East Bay Division - Martinez Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care - 150 Muir Road, Martinez, CA 94553

Get a DESCRIPTION of what we are about and do for our recipients. Most of the time it is an absolute BLAST, other time's we get very sober and focus on the healing of a single individual.

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