The reverse of Ron's Chautauqua Silver Works Rounds includes the common design element used on many rounds from Kinney. The bullseye design includes features of a rifles scope with engravings of the Bullseye and Ag 47 in the center, other markings in the scopes bullseye include the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, as well as the mint name and the phrase One More Ounce One Less Fetter. Ron Kinney founded Chautauqua Silver Works in 2013 as a retired individual with time and a love for silver designs. Kinney developed the quote on the reverse of "One More Ounce... One Less Fetter" to denote with each ounce of physical silver added is one less shackle holding back your financial future.

Or, I put it this way... One more ounce, One less fetter... a message for all of us. "ONE MORE OUNCE" is the possession or acquiring of ANOTHER OUNCE of SILVER.
"ONE LESS FETTER" is one less SHACKLE, CHAIN or MANACLE used to restrain a prisoner (us) to the our fragile banking system, economic foundation, and barrier to any financial future... FREEDOM.

BUT WAIT... Before we look at the TIME COLLECTION, Ron has other series of designs that have been released... you have got to see these. I am communicating with Ron, now, as often as possible and as I work on this new collection. I'm attempting to get some insight into his thoughts as he was designing each piece. I don't attempt to do a thing without having been given a thought, question, or direction to lead me to my own vision of what may have been an answer. You will see for yourselves that the answer may very well be a question...

A fascinating man, with a fascinating mind, is pouring thought into the designs that are forever pressed into precious metal for us to ponder... and then can only pass questions on to our children and then our children's children. We hope that someday, maybe soon, maybe generations from now, the Fine Art that is poured into the finishing of the raw silver designs will divulge the real meaning behind what you can acquire... but is money the cost?

The series called "CRYPTIC FORCES" - Ron asks this...
Do you believe our destiny is of our own making?
Do you believe our destiny is predetermined?
Do you believe the force in our minds or of the cosmos?
The questions remain...

See the link at the end of this presentation of the T.I.M.E. COLLECTION to two of other series from RON... CRYPITIC FORCES and OUNCE of PREVENTION<br><br>... I just got an email from him and another series is coming "THROUGH THAT DOOR." I will pass along info when I get it!

T.I.M.E. / E.M.I.T.

Forward or backward? Past or Future? Lead or Follow? Look deeply into each design. A meaning will develop. Ponder your thoughts. Real or Imagined? When does the End begin or has the Beginning ended?

EXISTENANCE MEASURED IN TIME... are we moving through time or merely existing, wondering where it all went?

The T.I.M.E. COLLECTION was designed by Ron Kinney, founder of the CHAUTAUQUA SILVER WORKS. These Silver Bullion Rounds are minted and released in cooperation with the NORTH AMERICAN MINT. The NORTH AMERICAN MINT has 29 years of dedicated service and quality as a private facility in the industry and provides the highest quality privately minted coins, medallions, bullion, and foil stamp products in the world..


☆ 1 Troy Ounce
☆ 0.999 pure AG47 Silver Bullion
☆ 39mm / 1.5 inches in Diameter
☆ Limited Minting of 10,000 Rounds or 5,000 Rounds (Depending on Design)
☆ Sequentially Numbered on the Outside Edge
☆ Brilliant Uncirculated(BU) with a Proof State(PS) quality, shiny, mirror-like finish
☆ Mint Condition / Collector Quality
☆ Packaged in AIR-TITE Clear Acrylic Capsules (PREMIUM capsules provided by SILVERBULLIONART.COM)


My creative mind is always on full throttle. I often think about what was going on in the mind of the artist that has created the design on which I currently working or already had taken my artistic liberties. With this particular collection of designs, I was very intrigued. As I worked on them, I often was transported mentally to a different space and time outside of myself, another dimension, a state of mind unlike other designs on which I had worked. As I would watch the colors materialize and see the different components of the piece take on potential characteristics, it excited my imagination and toyed with my typical creative processes.

If it is true that “A Picture says a THOUSAND Words.” there is much more than a thousand words for each experience I had with each piece and far too much for a website to realistically present. I will not try. However, as I envisioned each creation through the finishing , final polishing, and review, my mind would wonder to the possible thoughts of the designer. What were the thoughts, inspirations, motivations, and the hundreds of thousands of words that were possibly driving them to artistically express an idea, emotion, or myriad of feelings that brought to mind the imagery and symbolism that came to them? Were they pleased with their work? Did their design speak the words of their mind?

AND... What would they think or feel about what I had done to their works of art? What would they think of my interpretation, after seeing my rearrangement of highlights and additions of color? Did I capture what they were their thoughts, their words, their communication, or did I miss the target? Maybe, would they think I ADDED a layer or new/additional dimension to their intent, or brought out the real meaning of the design that they could not accomplish with their art in silver?

This thinking got me into action and I contacted the designer, Ron Kinney, and asked about some of these issues that were toying with my creativity. It just so happened, as I was putting together this narrative for the T.I.M.E. Collection, I received a note from him describing all 5 of the pieces in this collection and fulfilled some of my unanswered questions, fears, and hopes.

The note from Ron Kinney is as follows::


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your interest, I'm really looking forward to seeing your work with my designs. Hope this helps.

Oh, If you go to Pheli Mint there is a write-up for Chautauqua Silver Works that has more information about some other designs, but in response to your questions….

Ever since I was little, I was always fascinated with time, clocks and gears. That's what got me thinking of doing the series. They are all my designs, but after I do the initial drawing the artist at the mint takes it cleans up the lines and makes sure it fits properly. He also does, like the skulls, I don't do well drawing them. He also made my colony on the planet on the double obverse T.I.M.E. / E.M.I.T. look fantastic.

Shifting Gears:
As a child time seems to pass slowly on our anticipation, as adults time seems accelerated as our time grows shorter. So, no matter how we perceive time throughout our lives, it will always elude us.

A Grain of Sand:
From birth to death each of us share each grain of sand in the hourglass.

In our lives there comes that time when everything is going so well, we just take for granted that it will go on and on, like a pendulum, metronome, or windmill. Then time steps in and there's a wakeup call, then you’re back to reality and you realize that things can't always go on continually. So, sometimes things will seem Perpetual, but it's Time's Illusion.

Portals of Existence:
The Key to the Portals of Existence is there for all. Just take the key and insert it in the keyhole, turn it clockwise and your whisked off to what is intended to be or turn the key counter-clockwise and your back to bygone times. Either way it is your existence, your choice.

T.I.M.E. / E.M.I.T.:
The radical and unique 'double obverse' is just a reminder that the past we had was the one we created for ourselves and the future is also ours to create.

Ron Kinney

The following is a more detailed look at T.I.M.E.

banner shifting gears

One of the beautiful aspects of modern precious metal design is the rise of private mints and the production of unique products. With demand for silver high, the focus is not all on bullion coin programs with the same designs each year. Products such as those from the North American Mint are coveted by individual investors and collectors looking to get their feet wet.

The 1 oz TIME Shifting Gears PROOF Silver Round is an excellent option for any numismatist or seasoned investor.

These 1 oz silver rounds from North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works feature intricate designs on both the obverse and reverse sides. This particular round is a new product design collection that represents the first release in the “T.I.M.E. Series.” For the purposes of this series, TIME refers to “The Increment Measuring Existence.”

piece example

On the obverse face is the image of a number of interlocking gears. As each individual wheel spins in a series of gears, it impacts and turns another gear. This plays out on the obverse, along with the patent date of “1 Dec 1945” for shifting gears, which is engraved above the gears. Along the top and bottom of the outer rim is the engraving “Shifting Gears on the Perception of Time.”

the reverse of the round includes the Chautauqua Silver Works name along the top, with the unique engraving of “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” on the bottom. (FETTER: A Chain or Shackle for the feet.) In the middle of the round’s bullseye design on this face is the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, along with the word “Bullseye” and the periodic number and symbol for Silver (AG 47).

The following picture is the reverse of this design but is representative of the reverse of the next 4 designs with the difference being, obviously, the toning is totally unique.


As mentioned in the SPECIFICATIONS, each piece is sequentially numbered as the final process in the production at the mint. The number is found on the bottom outside edge.

banner Grain of Sannd

"A Grain Of Sand" The Second of Five in the "T.I.M.E. Series." From Birth To Death, Each Of Us Share Each Grain Of Sand In The Hourglass. …Struck in flawless proof-like finish, collection worthy by any numismatic, artist, and/or investor.

This Second Design in the Collection from The Chautauqua Silver Works, created by Ron Kinney, of Fredonia, Chautauqua County in Western New York state features a fun play on words... OLIVE VUSS in the cradle & AVERY BAWDY on the headstone. Time has a way of slipping past without anyone noticing. The hourglass is one of the most time-tested means of tracking the passage of time, and it was chosen as the central design in a silver round series from the Chautauqua Silver Works.

The 1 oz TIME Series “A Grain of Sand” design, only in proof-like condition, is an integral part of the SILVERBULLIONART.COM T.I.M.E. COLLECTION. This image is displayed on our company's monitors as a standard in which no other piece produced will pass inspection without having, at a minimum, 6 of the 10 points that this piece represents.

The first design release in the TIME Series Collection of designs featured the image of the moving gears that power a clock. For this second design in the series, the creators have found a design element that anyone can understand at first glance… an HOURGLASS. An hourglass is often used in reference to the lifespan or remaining time in someone’s life. As a means of torture, captors would often use an hourglass to show their captives just how much time was left in their lives, as indicated in this silver round’s design by the human skull at the base of the hourglass from which the sand pours out into an open grave.

On the obverse side of the 1 oz TIME Series A Grain of Sand Silver Round you’ll find the image of an hourglass in the center of the design, complete with a myriad of different and crucial elements. Atop the hourglass is a baby carriage, indicating early life, while the human skull spews sand into an open grave with a headstone marked “Avery Bawdy,” indicating we all head from life to death with the sands of time. The reverse side of the round features the marksman scope that serves as common imagery for Chautauqua Silver Works, complete with the periodic symbol and number for silver, and the round’s weight, purity, and metal content.

banner Perpetual

"PERPETUAL" in the "T.I.M.E. Collection

In our lives there comes that time when everything is going so well, and we just take it for granted that it will go on and on, like a pendulum, metronome or windmill. Then time steps in and there is a wakeup call. Then your back to reality and you realize, things can't always go on continually. So, sometimes things may seem Perpetual, but it is Time's Illusion.

The T.I.M.E. Series of Silver Bullion designs, from North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works, features a total of five different designs that capture the progression of time and man’s illusion of control over it with varying, unique designs. The third release in this series focuses on the seemingly perpetual nature of existence. The 1 oz “Perpetual” design is finished and in the completed SILVERBULLIONART.COM T.I.M.E Collection.

This single piece #252 is for sale individually at a dramatically increased price to encourage the purchase of the entire collection. A Collection purchase like this would be an advantageous opportunity which would increase in value dramatically in a short period of time due to limited supplies, collections completed, and the totally unique rarity of a collection from SILVERBULLIONART.COM. These factors alone would make a collection like this an extremely rare and valuable commodity.

perpetual piece

This third design release was limited to only 5,000 and available in no other weight, metal, or decoration such as the machine enameling that some mints are doing to encourage business. I however, have found that all the look alike painted faces are lacking in may aspects or art, such as designers intention, original artists rendering compatibility with mint rendition, originality, class and added value.. My kenedy half dollar with Elvis Presley’s portrait painted on it is worth less ow than when I purchased it. That’s not what SILVERBULLIONART.COM is about at all. If you have had the opportunity of reading any or the articles in the SILVER: Information and Education section, you would have a good idea of what is and what is not Art or and Investment. You would also have derived from a multitude of referenced publications and historical market trends, that the SILVERBULLIONART.COM products are in a class considered FINE ART which could lead to a substantial investment.

Your purchase of a 1 oz Perpetual Silver Round from the T.I.M.E. Series ships inside of an Air-Tite clear acrylic capsule (PREMIUM capsules are provided by SILVERBULLIONART.COM for protection, which iis protected further by foam or bubble wrap during shipping. These rounds have edge lettering denoting their production number and the proof-like shine and mirror finish is in line with sought after numismatic, art aficionado, and seasoned investor quality value and is enhanced by the attraction of the natural toning that has blessed these pieces with uniqueness and desirability.

The “Perpetual” design is the third release in the T.I.M.E. Series Collection which includes a total of five designs in all. Withinr the “Perpetual” obverse design you’ll discover elements that are often associated with time and connect to the concept of perpetual motion. The windmill, metronome, and pendulum all seem to have limitless movement over time, but all serve as a mere illusion to reality

In the 1 oz Perpetual you’ll find an obverse design that includes some of the elements just mentioned above. There is a windmill in the top of the design field that features a blast of wind pushing it in perpetual motion, while a metronome and pendulum are also featured in the design. Engravings around the edge fields read “Perpetual” along the top and “Time’s Illusion” along the bottom.

The reverse of these rounds features the same design concept as the previous three releases. The bullseye logo of the Chautauqua Silver Works is featured, with the element number and name for silver, “Ag 47” included in the center of that bullseye. The weight, purity, and metal content are also included on this face of the round. Each of the 1 oz Perpetual AG47 Rounds in the T.I.M.E. Series has the finish of a Proof in the shiny, mirror sufaces. This gives the rounds some of the visual characteristics common to proof coinage, such as frosted finishes on the design features .


Mankind has long sought out portals in our existence that could take us to different places. In some cases, these portals take us forward or backward in time to eras, both bygone and futuristic. In other cases, portals were believed to possess the power to not only take us to a different place in time, but an alternative reality to the one we know. Today, the 1 oz Portal of Existence design is available to you from SILVERBULLIONART.COM in the T.I.M.E. Collection.

The exact definition of a portal is a “doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially a large or elaborate one.” When some people speak of portals in the sense of time, it is used as a term defining a passageway to another dimension or place in time altogether. SILVERBULLIONAT.COM is your portal to an unbelievable existence surrounded by FINE ART. You can travel back in time and space and acquire ancient replications of Egypt or the Good ‘Ole West. Or, you can ride the portal to the future. With purchases in SILVERBULLIONART.COM, you can hold the future in you hands.

portals piece

Each of these 1 oz Portal of Existence Silver Rounds comes from North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works, and features intricate designs on both the obverse and reverse sides. This particular round is part of a brand-new product lineup that represents the fourth release in the “T.I.M.E. Series.” For the purposes of this series, TIME refers to “The Increment Measuring Existence.”

The reverse of the round includes the Chautauqua Silver Works name along the top, with the unique engraving of “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” on the bottom. In the middle of the round’s bullseye design on this face is the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, along with the word “Bullseye” and the periodic number and symbol for Silver (AG 47). This image is consistent with all of the first 4 releases. Shown here for all of the first 4. Although each is unique in color as is the characteristic of toning and the physics or thin-film interference from the silver-sulfide deposit.

On the obverse is the unique Portal of Existence Silver Round design. It depicts two portals on the face of the coin, one situated on either side of a large key. In the keyhole of the key’s shape you’ll notice the 3-hour marks on a 12-hour clock, listed in Roman numerals from 12, 3, 6, 9, and back to 12. At the bottom of the design is a keyhole for the key to be inserted into that can turn one way or the other. Engravings feature “Bygone” and “Intended at the bottom, with “Portals of Existence” at the top.

banner emit

The T.I.M.E. Series from North American Mint and Chautauqua Silver Works concludes with its fifth design, and for this final and radical offering, the producers a break with production history to use the obverse design twice in a “double obverse” striking of the coin. The 1 oz TIME – EMIT Silver Round is now available to you for purchase online from SILVERBULLIONART.COM

The word “time” is what is known as a palindrome. A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads exactly the same backward as it does forward. For the final release of the T.I.M.E. Series you get the TIME – EMIT silver round, which pays homage to the status of the word..

On one side of this historic double-obverse striking, you’ll find the image of clock gears and the hands of time moving around a clock face that has each hour marked with Roman numerals. Background imagery in the design includes that of a sun and moon in the upper quadrant, while a factory and gears are in the bottom. Engravings on this side include “The Increment Measuring Existence,” as well as the silver works name, purity, metal content, and weight of the round.

Flip it over and you’ll find a similar, yet slightly altered design. Instead of Roman numerals, the hour marks are denoted using standard English-language numbering. The hands of time are featured, along with a depiction of the planet Earth and spacecraft speeding away in the upper quadrant, while the bottom features a different view of the celestial body we call home. Engravings on this side include “Existence Measured in Theory” at the bottom, with “EMIT” at the top.


All 1 oz TIME – EMIT Silver Rounds from the T.I.M.E. Series total only 5,000 and have edge lettering denoting their production number. Additionally, each silver round finish is characteristic of some of the visual characteristics common to proof coinage, such as frosted finishes on the design features and mirrored background fields.


A more specific or settled price has not been established, due to various queries. You may make an offer directly to COLLECTION OFFER. Someone will get back to you with a reply after thorough consideration.


Ron has completed this next series, but I have only my first choice done... the most difficult for me to grasp "COSMIC SPHERE" However, it is here for you to see. The BU minting is my first experimental piece before I attempt to do the PROOF collection pieces.

Sorry Ron, I am a bit behind. But, with the help of PHELI MINT in acquiring the other BU editions of the designs, I will get back to you for the NUMBERED PROOF SET for the SILVERBULLIONART.COM "CRYPTIC FORCES" COLLECTION.


So far, I think Ron has completed three of the four? designs… I don't really know. I'll get back to everyone. I have completed the first of my selectio0ns, the "A SOUND INNOVATION" design AN OUNCE OF PREVENSION" It is here for you to see. I will be working on completing this series also.

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