And so will we... That means we will be doing each of Ron's design series as collections. COMING SOON

Ron Kinney, the designer of the pieces in the T.I.M.E. Collection, has another series of designs that have just been released. I am communicating with Ron, now, as often as possible and as I work on this new collection. I'm attempting to get some insight into his thoughts as he was designing each piece. I don't attempt to do a thing without having been given a thought, question, or direction to lead me to my own vision of what may have been an answer. You will see for yourselves that the answer may very well be a question...

A fascinating man, with a fascinating mind, is pouring thought into the designs that are forever pressed into precious metal for us to ponder... and then can only pass questions on to our children and then our children's children. We hope that someday, maybe soon, maybe generations from now, the Fine Art that is poured into the finishing of the raw silver designs will divulge the real meaning behind what you can acquire... but is money the cost?

This new series is called "CRYPTIC FORCES" and Ron asks this...
Do you believe our destiny is of our own making?
Do you believe our destiny is predetermined?
Do you believe the force in our minds or of the cosmos?
The questions remain...


Ron has a great write-up on the PHELI MINT blog. CLICK HERE FOR THE BLOG The Pheli Mint has a very interesting accumulation of pieces available on their website that may be purchased, but mostly I wanted to mention that they exclusively carry ALL of Ron's available designs. Unless Ron has a set or two stashed away, like I hope!!! But, speaking of the mint, I have had a chance to communicate with the two guys that gave it birth. I also have to thank them for some of the content in regard to some of Ron's pieces that are exclusively part of the PHELI MINT distribution inventory or sources. (Thanks Guys!). They have a flagship piece that, sadly to say, I haven't gotten a chance to work with. However, PHIL and ELI (hence PHELI) have consented to provide some content for SILVERBULLIONART.COM. So, I will get that to you as soon as you can say... SUCCUBUS (their flagship design). Maybe, if I am lucky, I will have had chance to work on this beautiful and seductive piece of silver before I realease their write-up.

SUCCUBUS: is a demon in female form or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The following is their hunk of silver for 2017... I did not know which I was going to display, out of the three, but this is one of the three sexiest. They all are sexy, seductive, demonic, sinfully alluring, finely crafted, extremely desirable, alluring, and hopefully I am immune to her appearance in my dreams, as a man of God. But these are very desirable collector/investor pieces and will be part of the SILVERBULLIONART.COM Gallery and Collections, especially due to their very limited mintages.

But this is article is about RON KINNEY and his designs...


Ron is continuing his passion for extremely interesting and very thought provoking designs. But here are his words about how it all started...

“I'm retired and kind of fell into doing this. I started hanging out at my local coin shop (now closed) and they had put out their first round Lady Liberty 2013. They were working on their second, which was The Reaper "What's in Your Pocket", which was very popular. They were looking for a new idea for their third round and I came up with Uncle Vam "Banking on Your Blood", which was very popular also. After that I came up with Stax the Silver Bull for them.

Silver bull imageUncle Vam coin image

The coin shop closed and one of the owners told me to start making my own rounds, so that's when I started Chautauqua Silver Works. In my first series I limited them to 200 Proof Like and have put out three so far in the Toxic Series, Tree of Toxicity, The Psycho Path and Last Nail in the Coffin. I have only released the first two of four in the Ounce of Prevention Series, Security and Curative [he is unsure if the last two will be minted at this time]. The T.I.M.E. Series has five designs, all available for sale.”


Ron wanted to do something different with skeletons, hoping to make everyone wonder, ponder and interpret the design in their own way. Skulls and such being popular these days in many ways, I found them to be especially interesting and tring to figure out how to apply the SILVERBULLIONART approach was the biggest challenge. The 9 designs for the Cryptic Silver Series are
Cryptic Quote, Cryptic Conflict, Cryptic Passage, Cryptic History, Cryptic Façade, Cryptic Forces, Cryptic Vision, Cryptic Fire, and Cryptic Deja Vu. I choose the CRYPTIC FORCS/COSMIC SPHERE to be the first one to attempt because I though it to be the most difficult. It is not finished, however...

They are minted in a limited edition of 200 Proof and I believe 5,000-possibly 10,000 BU pieces. BU designs my be purchased through the Pheli Mint, however there are only a couple proof collections left that Ron has secured in his possession and can only be purchased directly from him. I, however, have been lucky enough to have reserved a set of "alike numbered pieces" that I will pick-up and complete after I have journeyed my way through my trials with the BU editions.


The 4 piece series is a play on the traditional Benjamin Franklin quote "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Even the puzzle design is meant to pay homage to Franklin's love for creating puzzles. The inside of the design shows interlocking puzzle pieces in a satin finish.

Security makes direct reference to the many of the overarching reason why we stack and collect silver. Curative makes reference to silvers many amazing and overlooked medical properties. As nurses we feel connected to this important use of silver.

An Ounce of Prevention ...Is Worth A Sound Innovation is the last design in the series, but the first I have completed. Typical for me not to follow an order of production, but to choose what I would like to do... because Innovation represents silver's many benefits and uses: conductive, solar panels, electronics, brazing alloy, reflective, batteries, prosthetics and water purification.

SILVERBULLIONART.COM is honored and be developing a friendship with Ron and is proud to have his interest and praise in regard to what we have done with his designs. His designs are a must-have for me and SILVERBULLIONART.COM will be pursuing the acquisition of each of Ron's design series and will have the collections available for you as quickly as fine art can avail us.

P.S. if anyone has the original "The Last Nail in Coffin" or the "Tree of Toxicity" designs of Ron's for sale, please let me know ASAP! The series is coming out again in PROOF in the TOXIC SERIES TOO.

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