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PATRIOTISM IN COLLECTION - Show your PRIDE and PATRIOTISM for having our precious FREEDOM by choosing one of the patriotic pieces... stars and stripes, eagles, etc. RED, WHITE and BLUE... BABY!
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SIOUX Sovereign Nation America - Piece 238 SIOUX Sovereign Nation America - Piece 238

1oz AG Round - SIOUX - Sovereign Nation America
This piece explodes in the this light. The obverse relief has been polished and buffed to highlight the SIOUX profile. The little background toning left is very deep in rainbow colorization. The reverse has been detailed to highlight the American Buffalo and the other piece details. This is an excellent example of a displayable investment. It is the piece I chose for my business cards.

Eagle Eye - Piece 236 Eagle Eye - Piece 236

1oz AG Round - Eagle Eye
EAGLE EYE is one of my favorite patriotic pieces. Another product from AMPEX, one of our two top and first choices for silver. AMPEX is American Precious Metals Exchange. They are distributors for the biggest and best mints from around the world, as well as, many of the smaller independent private mints that have no other avenue for wide distribution.

If you consider yourself patriotic, show your pride and grab this patriotic piece.

If rebellion is more your thing, the Eagle Eye is perfect for you, too. Traits we have in common are why...

we fly at higher altitudes, not with the “seagulls,” with our thinking, attitudes, and behavior, the same…
when we see something we want to achieve, with clear vision, we set a clear path for success...
we nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits with the freshest of everything we can find…
we have a natural instinct to steer clear of getting in the middle…
we don’t get down or depressed when storm clouds gather, problems arise, things get rough, we lift ourselves to greater heights, while other run for comfort, we thrive on challenges, reaping the benefits of being the highest of achievers…
we test and know the commitment of others before allowing them a part in our inner circle, as partners in business or in life…
we call on ourselves to soar higher, above the cares, trials, and trivial pursuits of life…

We have an EAGLE EYE!


1oz AG Round - CROSS OF CHRIST #210
This Spiritual Design is for every Christian, as it displays a bare CROSS of CHRIST... the cross of the Risen Christ. The picture with the most purple color is the best representation of this piece at most angles. The pictures showing blue is when it picks up a lot of light glancing off the background layer. The reverse is a bright image, but represents the color somewhat well.

All that embodies the belief may be felt as you can take this piece OUT OF THE CAPSULE... HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND... LET the colors and highlights that have been carefully finished bringing peaceful tranquility wherever you carry it. The COATING enables you to do much more with your CROSS OF CHRIST outside of the capsule.

This CROSS of CHRIST is a perfect gift for yourself or another, on any occasion... like CHRISTMAS!

I gave my Mother the very first one of these that I created. She absolutely loves it and displays it on her end table, next to her chair, where she can admire it while relaxing. It is so peaceful to walking into the room, just because of the presence of the piece, displayed on a clear acrylic easel. It somehow seems to guard the tranquility of the entire house with its presence and the Power it represents.

You may ask that we remove the color from the reverse of the pieces to allow for ENGRAVING. Or, we can create a piece especially for your desires.

Christ on the Cross  #145 (Coated) Christ on the Cross #145 (Coated)

1oz AG Bar - Christ on the Cross (adorned with Flowers) #145
This is a remarkable example of a full spectrum toning of CHRIST ON THE CROSS. Not many pieces attract color the way this piece brought forth. It almost created itself. I had very little finalization to do. I was apprehensive about trying the coating with the fragile colors, but it turned out beautifully.

So, with a few layers of the coating,
- You may take this out of the capsule
- Hold it in you hand
- Let the Spirit flow freely in and through you
- Feel the Sacrifice enabling your Peace

This one ounce bar would make a beautiful and thoughtful CHRISTMAS gift. There are also other times when some spiritual comfort may strengthen someone in their moments of need. A beautiful gift from you could be the answer to that need, prayer, or be a reminder of where the Power flows..

This bar of Jesus Christ, sits well on a clear acrylic easel, or one of the displays would decorate your home very elegantly.

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