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Uncategorized, Exotic, Rare, Different selections are just that... These are some extremely unique pieces and include some very rare finds. But, the major factor that determines if a piece falls in this category is the inability to fall into any other. Find your own unique... EXOTIC piece here.

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LIONS of the AFRICAN CONGO - Piece 159 LIONS of the AFRICAN CONGO - Piece 159

1oz AG Round - LIONS of the AFRICAN CONGO #159
This piece, among a few others, has been completely redone. I was unhappy with the original appearance of the LIONS. They were rainbow colored and, since LIONS do not look like rainbows, I had to reject it. We are all much happier with the piece, as it made the grade. I used three short toning sessions to get the colors the way you see them now. I hope that you also like the appearance of the piece. On the reverse, you will find the Shield of the Congo.

Our Price$150.00You may always ask for a better price.
GORILLA - Congo Silverback - #117 GORILLA - Congo Silverback - #117

1oz AG Round - Congo Silverback Gorilla
The Congo Silverback Gorilla has become one of my favorite pieces... as reflected in the price. I am going to have a difficult time parting with it. An opportunity to admire it every day was purposeful, as it sits on a clear acrylic easel at the corner of my desk.

The Gorilla was a pleasure to work with. Immediately it had taken on a full spectrum of subtle rainbow tones and polishing was very gently done and on only a few spots to bring out the majesty of this beast.

FYI: When I mention 'polish,' I am using various tools, clothes, and paper towels. Never any chemicals... I have tried silver polish and it had an effect on more than the area where I was attempting to remove layers of Silver Sulphide. Silver Sulphide... see the articles accessible from the SILVER AG47 and SULPHUR S16 link on the front page, otherwise named ...knowledge is POWER.

SHIFTING GEARS - The Perception of Time - #143 SHIFTING GEARS - The Perception of Time - #143

1oz AG Round - Shifting Gears on the Perception of Time #143
This piece is part of the T.I.M.E Collection, one of five designs from Designer, Ron Kinney. You may have already noticed that the pricing on this piece is rather high. This is due to the current necessity for it to stay as part of the collection and with which to be sold. However, I will sell this piece at this price ONLY if I am absolutely assured that I can replace it. Click here to get to the article about Ron and his designs...

FREEDOM on a Silver Shield - #217 FREEDOM on a Silver Shield - #217

1oz AG Round - FREEDOM on a Silver Shield #217
FREEDOM, beautiful freedom. Beautiful, together the word FREEDOM adorns this Golden State Mint adaptation of what could be considered our modern Peace Dollar. Struck on top of SILVERBULLIONART's special favorite SILVER SHIELD's TRIVIUMM, and also the tattoo on her shoulder, the Trivium is the foundation for individual freedom from outside manipulation.
Ladies: For Special Order, the mini-mintage of Silver Shields with the Trivium Girls" Round "Listen to All, Follow None" will be available again soon. Have yours ordered and ready to be finished right, let SILVEBULLIONART do yours.

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