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Donation Pieces are those chosen from to recognise the 'BEST of the BEST.' Each piece is for sale and only enough for the ceremonies are withdrawn. We try to match the [piece with the recipient.

But there is a DONATION OPPORTUNITY here for anyone interested. See the article BEST OF THE BEST / Donation Introduction
One Hundred Dollar Bill - #232 BALD EAGLE an American Icon -  #135
4oz AG Bar - One Hundred Dollar Bill - #232
This piece toned nicely and picked up what is called "MONSTER" colors. It was a little difficult to finish because none of the design is in a highly raised or lowered relief, leave the finishing extremely time consuming. This QUARTER POUND piece comes in a its own BLACK "VELVET" display case at no extra charge. The CASE is perfect for prestigious exhibition of your wise choice in art investment.
With the purchase of this piece you are four more steps in ... LEARN TO FLY

1oz AG Bar - BALD EAGLE and American Icon
Fly with the Eagles, not the Seagulls... with Wings Spread and Preparing to Land... The 1oz “BALD EAGLE an American Icon" represents PATRIOTISM... the foundation of our land... and our freedom to fly as we choose.
SilverTowne Mint , this Indiana-based mint has achieved a strong following for its PATRIOTIC silver bullion ...MADE in AMERICA . This is a NOT a LIKELY CANDIDATE FOR THE NEW COATING. These colors are too intense to risk alteration.
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This is also one of our donation pieces. If you want to sponsor a donation, select this piece and submit you order with a comment... DONATE. I will send the TAX ID # for your Tax Deductable Donation

Don't Tread On Me - Rattlesnake #214
1oz AG Round - Don't Tread on Me #214 (Code 213)

The "Don't Tread on Me" rattlesnake is a symbol of American independence and freedom. Positioned above the rattlesnake are the words "DON'T TREAD ON ME" ....or I will strike. The reverse accentuates the words "THE PRICE OF LIBERTY - ETERNAL VIGILANCE." If you're not shy and would strike out for you or your family's LIBERTY, this piece belongs on prominant display in your home.

This piece has some beautiful tones of rainbow coloring that I did not attempt to change... with a couple exceptions. I highlighted the grass on which the snake is coiled, bringing back its original silver. To accentuate the fangs and forked-tongue, I meticulously detailed them back to original silver, also. The rattles, I only polished out some of the coloring. What is a rattlesnake without the FANGS, TONGUE, RATTLES, and it being coiled and ready to strike? Rattles grow with age. This is a healthy ADULT Rattlesnake!

This is also a potential DONATION piece for... PIECE4PEACE See