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LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS - #121 (COATED) BALD EAGLE an American Icon -  #135 BALD EAGLE - The "FREEDOM" Piece #137 (Coated)

1oz AG Round - LIFE, LIBERTY & HAPPINESS "Liberty Bell" #121
Carry this symbol of freedom wherever you go to remind you that LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS are yours. This is also one of the "PIECE4PEACE" styles, chosen by those who have received one for helping provide our "LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS".

There are a number of these in reserve for our PIECE4PEACE candidates, but if you would like to have one for yourself, order today.

Since it is a PIECE4PEACE piece (that's a lot of pieces), it has been coated with 5 coats of the compound we are testing so the recipient can hold it in his/her hand while they get their applause for being the selected recipient of the recognition by our founder Michael Evens and CREATIVE CONSULTING LLC.. Ceremonies/Recognitions are held 2 to 4 times a year depending on the availability of pieces and worthy recipients. Usually there are more worthy recipients than there are pieces to go around, so, please think about sponsoring one of these. Just add it to your CART and make a note in the OPTIONS at CHECKOUT. We will get you the tax deductible receipt.

1oz AG Bar - BALD EAGLE and American Icon
Fly with the Eagles, not the Seagulls... with Wings Spread and Preparing to Land... The 1oz “BALD EAGLE an American Icon" represents PATRIOTISM... the foundation of our land... and our freedom to fly as we choose.
SilverTowne Mint , this Indiana-based mint has achieved a strong following for its PATRIOTIC silver bullion ...MADE in AMERICA . This is a NOT a LIKELY CANDIDATE FOR THE NEW COATING. These colors are too intense to risk alteration.
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This is also one of our donation pieces. If you want to sponsor a donation, select this piece and submit you order with a comment... DONATE. I will send the TAX ID # for your Tax Deductable Donation

1oz AG Bar - American Eagle - The "FREEDOM" Piece #137 (Coated)
Fly with the Eagles, not the with the Seagulls... with your Wings Spread and Preparing to Land...

The iconic EAGLE - The "FREEDOM" Piece. The Eagle represents our freedom to fly, fly above the problems, and fly apart from the Seagulls.
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This is also one of our DONATION Styles, If you would like to make or sponsor a donation, select this piece and make a note on your order... DONATION. I will then send you the Tax ID # for your TAX Deductible Donation. Since this piece is COATED, it is a likely candidate. Recipients have always wanted to handle the pieces. Now THEY CAN.