SOLD ... 3 Gold Nuggets
Gold Nuggets as shown on E-Bay

3 GOLD Nuggets from the FEATHER RIVER, California

Each nugget is over 2 Grams, (2.6300, 2.4006, and 2.8900) purchased in 2016 at a price substantially over gold spot at the time...

Sacrificing at CURRENT Gold Spot! You may check the GOLD and SILVER SPOT Prices in real time on this LINK
As of this writing the GOLD SPOT is $1322.71/oz

Individually capsulated with accurate weight to 1000th of a Gram

Compare to Nuggets-by-Grant website prices and quality. ( Compared to the prices and quality on this site, these three nuggets are very very special and the wisest choice you could make for your purchase today!

Alaskan Gold is 82-86% Pure 20-21K.

BUT...……………. Check this out (from Wikipedia)

California Gold is tested between 21.320K to 22.877K.
When melted together the purity averaged 22.357K.

FEATHER RIVER GOLD is renowned for it's PURITY.
Typically from 91.5% TO 93.5% PURE GOLD. AVERAGE = 92.5%

So, take this into consideration when comparing any nugget to nugget price... it is not Apples to Apples pricing. It is more like comparing Dollars to Donuts.

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